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'V’ Blocks are required for Quality Control, Tool Room and Standard Room. "Crystal" Brand Magnetic 'V’ Blocks have high magnetic pull, hence they can be used fro drilling and grinding (both wet and dry) and even for light milling work.

The 'V’ Block has a total three magnetic surfaces. Top and Bottom with 90 'V’ angle and end surface opposite to switch. All three magnetic surfaces and the two sides are carefully ground. Their accuracy for flatness, parallelism and squareness is within 0.005 mm for 2", 3", 4" & 6" 'V’ Blocks. When turned "ON" all three magnetic surfaces are activated Simultaneously.

The permanent magnet holds the work firmly in the 'V’ and if the block rests on a magnetically conductive surface, it is held firmly to this surface. The magnetic pull is constant and will not decrease eveb after long use. The magnetic system being shielded from penetration of moisture, cannot be damaged by coolants or other fluids.

CAT NO. Length of Jaws
AA - 1431 38 mm
AA - 1432 50 mm
AA - 1433 75 mm
AA - 1434 100 mm
AA - 1435 125 mm
AA - 1436 150 mm
AA - 1437 200 mm
AA - 1438 250 mm
AA - 1439 300 mm