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The ‘V’ Blocks have two ‘V’ angles of different sizes to take Jobs of various dimentions. By means of clamps the work can be held rigidly to the ‘V’ Block. The top ‘V’ and bottom ‘V’ are parallel within ± 5 micron and it’s squareness to the end faces and height variations to the ‘V’ Block in a pair is within ± 5 micron.

In Built Features :

‘V’ Blocks are hardened and ground To 55 ± 2 HRC.

Precision ‘V’ Blocks for Tool Room,Inspection, Work, Assembly Shop.

All sides precision ground, parallel and square.

‘V’ groove ground central and Parallel two sides & base, perfect aligned and

matched with ± 5 microns.

Supplied withl clamp for holding job.

Hold Square and round work.

Permits grinding ends of work square with sides.

We also manufacture ‘V’ Blocks with different ‘V’ angles.

CAT NO. Range W x H x L
AA-1714 3-20 20 X 20 X 25
AA-1711 5-30 40 X 40 X 50
AA-1712 6-50 63 X 63 X 80
AA-1713 6-70 80 X 80 X 100