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The magnetic floater induces similar polar forces to each plate in a stack, thereby creating repelling forces in each consecutive plate, causing their separation.


By positioning a pair of Floaters each at both sides I direction of steel plates, the First sheet floats the Second sheet so that it can be easily pulled. Hence, Floaters are most suitable for removing the iron or steel sheets one by one thereby facilitating the feed in at automatic steel feeding line or for separating each iron sheet and for feeding it to a machine (for press o shearing operation) .


The highest separating capacity is ensured by two rails on the magnetic polar surface. You can separate press blanks or material with irregular shapes in certain intervals. Suitable for separating oil stuck sheets or heavily piledup sheets which are difficult to separate manually. Compact type with highly efficient Ferrite Magnet. It can be attached easily to machines. Couple it in conformity with the size, shape and weight of the steel sheets in use. A pair of 2 units is available.

CAT NO. L x H x W
AA - 2215 65 x 90 x 50
AA - 2216 125 x 125 x 60
AA - 2217 210 x 255 x 75