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“Crystal” Magnetic Right Angle Setting Device is the answer when speedy right angle clamping of sheet metal material is required. When used in multiples a number of sheets can be held I the most complicated arrangement. Being compact in size they are useful in holding work in confined spaces. Many uses will be found in Tool Room, fabrication shops, Workshops and Quality Control. The devices are precision ground for parallality and angle on types of holding applications.


Same as AA – 191 but with hardened holding surface and angle. With this type and bottom holding surface equipped with hardened steel which ensure extra wear resistance.

AA - 1913 50L X 30W X 320H
AA - 1914 100L X 40W X 40H
AA - 1915 150L X 50W X 50H
AA - 1916 200L X 50W X 50H
AA - 1913 H 50L X 30W X 30H
AA - 1914 H 100L X 40W X 40H
AA - 1915 H 150L X 50W X 50H
AA - 1916 H 200L X 50W X 50H