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‘Crystal’ brand Permanent Magnetic Racks are useful in Tool-room, workshops, paint shops, machine shops, assembly and garages. To keep the Hand tools such as spanners, screw drivers, calipers, files and cutting tools etc. in very systematic manner. It helps the user for easy handling & storage. Our racks are available in different lengths and are totally protected from rust and corrosion. Racks are easily mounted and all available magnetic flux from a small number of magnets is concentrated in the two mild steel pole pieces helps ‘Crystal’ Racks make best possible use of permanent magnet material, in lifting and holding problems that can be easily solved.

CAT NO. L x H x W
AA - 3161 150 x 25 x 30
AA - 3162 225 x 25 x 30
AA - 3163 300 x 25 x 30